Small Towns, Big Stories

by Ruskin Bond

Category: Fiction

Small Towns, Big Stories showcases twenty-one stories of small-town life by the country’s
greatest living chronicler of the Indian heartland.

Ruskin Bond has been writing evocative stories about the dusty towns and settlements
in the hinterland for decades but this is the first time his finest stories on the theme have
been brought together in a single volume. Timeless classics like ‘Time Stops at Shamli’,
‘Bus Stop, Pipalnagar’, and ‘The Night Train at Deoli’ rub shoulders with brilliant new
stories that have never been published before like ‘Strychnine in the Cognac’, ‘The
Horseshoe’ and ‘When the Clock Strikes Thirteen’. Vibrant, poignant, beautiful and
tragic, these stories show a master storyteller at the height of his powers.

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