Me, The Jokerman: Enthusiasms, Rants and Obsessions by Khushwant Singh

by Edited by Mala Dayal

Category: Non-Fiction

When Khushwant Singh died at the age of ninety-nine in 2014, he had over a hundred books to his name and was widely regarded as one of India’s greatest writers. The hallmarks of his finest work were courage, honesty, style, humour, simplicity and great storytelling. Me, The Jokerman assembles over fifty essays, most of them unpublished in book form, in the categories that he had made his own— religion, nature, sex, autobiography, and, above all, humour.

Entertaining, insightful as well as laugh-out-loud funny, this is a book that will delight
Khushwant Singh’s legions of admirers.

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