Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer

by Cyrus Mistry

Category: Fiction

A harrowing and indelible tale of star-crossed love that takes place in the little-known community of Parsi corpse-bearers in Bombay, Cyrus Mistry’s new novel is a moving account of tragic love that, at the same time, brings to vivid and unforgettable life the degradation experienced by those who inhabit the unforgiving margins of history.

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About the Author

Inside the stone cottage, in the centre of the floor lay the dead man, stretched out on an iron bier. Nearby, a small fire crackled in a thurible on a silver tray. The cleansing smell of smoke and incense and sandal was everywhere. Three sides of the..

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Praise for the Book

  • “Cyrus Mistry’s new novel shines a light on a little-known segment of the Parsi community. It is brilliant and unsettling.” —Khushwant Singh
  • “…Cyrus Mistry has long been known as perhaps the best writer of his generation.” —Arvind Krishna Mehrotra
  • “It was really after I wrote the book that I felt for the first time in my writing career that the difficulties of creating a non-linear chronology for a novel was very simply and naturally dispelled.” —Cyrus Mistry in conversation with Time Out Delhi Read more
  • “The book forces one to ask, ‘What is love? Sacrifice? A corpse?’, and ‘How does one hold onto faith in the reality of death?’ ” Read more
  • ‘[Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer] is a wide-ranging tale and there are things to admire in it’ Read more
  • ‘A good read for anyone interested in a compact, intergenerational drama.’ Read more
  • ‘Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer is a story of courage and hope, a bildungsroman, a coming-of-age story of one man and a nation on the high road of history.’ Read more
  • ‘Not many books manage to transport you to a different world. A world that is self-sustained. This despite the characters moving only within a short radius. Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer by Cyrus Mistry surprises you by doing just that.’ Read more
  • ‘Peppered with grey humour, irony and tragedy, this well-crafted book is a winner.’ Read more
  • ‘Cyrus is a fine literary craftsman who has the power to move us profoundly’ Read more

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