Bronzed: From Paint to Patina


Category: Art & Photography, Non-Fiction

Bronzed brings together the journey of four eminent storytellers—Jogen Chowdhury, Ram
Kumar, Krishen Khanna and Thota Vaikuntam—whose imagery has set ablaze the hearts of
art lovers for decades. Their very recognizable style and figuration is the foundation behind
this project of transforming ‘paint to patina’. The artists collaborated with skilled artisans torecreate their iconic figures from every angle, thereby looking at their paintings afresh andexploring aspects they had not attended to previously.
The twenty-six bronze sculptures in the book—each of which is an edition of nine—allowed
the artists to extend themselves beyond the two-dimensional constraints of their most
distinguished works, and through a stroke of reimagining, brought their iconic artworks to
new and three-dimensional life.

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