Saad Z. Hossain

Saad Z. Hossain writes in a niche genre of fantasy, science fiction and black comedy which, on the balance of it, very few people actually want to read. Due to the stunning unpopularity of his writing he has been forced to work in various industries. This includes drilling holes, making rope, throwing parties, operating an illegal sports book and failing to run a restaurant. Needless to say, working for a living is highly overrated. He hopes to retire, as soon as he can convince his sons to start working. They are currently five and two and show no signs of earning their keep. He lives in Dhaka, the most ridiculously populous city in the world, teaming with humans, wildlife, and djinns.

He was published in the Bangladeshi anthologies What the Ink? and Six Seasons Review. He has written articles and short stories for the Daily Star, New Age, and the Dhaka Tribune, the top English daily newspapers in Bangladesh, which has an enormous population of 160 million odd people. Yes, they’re all odd, we’ve checked.

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